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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year (2005)

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that your new year will be great.

My New Year’s resolution is to get in to even better shape. Right now I can fight ten Klingons with a Bath'leh, I want to be able to fight twenty Klingons with my bare hands!

I want to make a few predications. I am not a psychic nor am I clairvoyant, I do travel through time, but that was another life time. So I am going to make junk up and will see if any of this will come true next year.

1. There will a political scandal. (Surprise.)
2. There will be a famous person that gets into trouble with the law. (Surprise again!)
3. There will a natural disaster in May. (I need to use at least one date)
4. Taxes will be raised.
5. Taxes will be lowered.
6. There will be a war somewhere in the world.
7. There will be peace somewhere in the world.
8. We will all catch a cold. (Please wash your hands.)
9. People will stop the high protein diet. (I knew that people wouldn't stay on this too long. Bread and French Fries are good.)
10. Herbert Midgley will become a house hold name with his music, movies, TV shows and plays. (Outside the Nerd Community.)

Let’s see how many come true. Personally, I hope that number ten will become true. Please let me become famous!!!

Me in a sambaro, looking in to the future.
Maybe this photo will make me famous!

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jbone said...

I have no idea how I ran into your website, but it has sucked well over an hour of my life. It seems you keep life interesting at all times with no time for dullness. Keep it up and Happy 2k5.




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