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Friday, December 03, 2004

Social Bliss Rocks!!!

I got a major honor tonight. My favorite band,
Social Bliss, gave me a guitar.

I was in shock!! These guys can rock!! And they gave me one of their prized guitars!!

Today I had a few negative people diss me, they made me feel like I am a jerk. But would a jerk get a guitar from
Social Bliss? I think not!!!!

Social Bliss, I know that you are going to go far. You guys can't believe what an honor this is.

Social Bliss, you rock!!!!!

Social Bliss and me at Rita's.


Social Bliss in action!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! You know, I really wanted to play drums for Social Bliss. I knew their old drummer, Jesse, and he moved and I thought their old bass player, Diane, would attempt to hook a guy up, but NO! :) Tyler, the drummer they are using now, is a good guy. Social Bliss is a very talented band and Max and Nick are both cool guys who I hung out with every Monday at the music store. Good times, good time...

Justin Romack



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