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Monday, September 06, 2004

New Song, Americana fest, and Day off from work

Here is the link to my new song. It rocks!!!!

Too Good for Her MP3

I heard some great music at the Americana Fest in Nac this weekend. There was a
songwriters session that I went to. It was great to have so much music here in East Texas.

I worked one week and I already got a holiday. The bad news is that my next holiday is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Go listen to my song and email me what you think!

Email Me!!!!

Me and My New Guitar


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Midgley..
you should totally check out the website http://www.52projects.com/
it's got lots of neat things on it.. the orginial 52projects are missing at the moment.. but yeah.. the links have great things as well...
i think you might enjoy.. if you dont already.
have a wonderful day!
jonni (summer 2 MHL 350 class!!)

Anonymous said...

Good song! Definite style change, and it sounds great. Lyrics are composed well and they fit your music. Keep on putting them down.

J. Romack



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