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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Summer II, Done. Fall a few days a way.

Well I finished teaching my summer class today. I want to say that they were a great group of kiddos. I miss my students, I still feel like I will see them on Monday, but I won’t. Some will be teachers, others are student teaching and others are still working on their degrees. In two weeks, I’ll get a new set of students.

In some ways, I feel like being a parent when your kids move out of your house today. You hope that you have given them your morals, values and knowledge so they can make it on their own.

I know that some will be fine, some you hope will be fine and some you are praying they will turn out ok. I have given them enough skills that they all should be fine when they teach. And I bet they will never forget the old Captain.

I bet they will hear my voice at some times, I hope that voice will give them wise advice. One of my teachers told me that I would hear their voice years after I have left them, and he was correct. I have a few professors that have died, and I still know what they would say about a composition I composed or some way to teach something. I guess they live on in the old Captain. And I can share their wisdom with my students. And maybe if I am lucky, they will share my wisdom with their students.

My birthday is a few days a way. I will be triple digits, 33. I don’t have anything planned other then going out to eat. Maybe I will write a play and a guitar composition. Who knows, I am not getting older, I’m getting better. And no one is better than a Starfleet officer. A Starfleet command officer is the best of them.

Starfleet forever.

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