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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

Well today I am another year older. I remember when I was a kid. I use to look forward to my Birthday and Christmas. I cared about them because I got presents. But now I am older, and I don’t want anything. If I need or want something, I’ll go and buy it. I don’t wait for one of my holidays. I’ll go and buy it if I want it.

So now birthdays are a reminder that I am another year older. I try to do something cool on my birthdays, but I couldn’t find a place to teach me how to ride a horse. I can’t believe that I live in East Texas and there isn’t a place to teach someone how to ride.

I look back at my life and I am happy. I have no major regrets. I can still stand by all of my major decisions that I have made in my life. And the ones that I do have regrets about, I turn into plays or put in that novel that I wrote.

It is amazing to me what I have done. If I went back in time and told the young Herbert about the old Herbert, he would be amazed. I have lived my life and I am still amazed at what I have achieved.

I can play guitar and piano. I sometimes forget that most people can’t do this. It would be hard to image my life without the ability to make music.

I have composed a lot of music. And I mean a lot of music. I’ll talk about the symphony that composed. I have composed over six hundred compositions, but when I tell folks that I wrote a symphony, they take notice. I like a lot of my compositions, I love others and others are experiments. I don’t count the daily chorales I write, if I did I would have over five thousand compositions, since I have composed one every day since 1991.

I have also been on TV. I was a co-host of a local TV show for about two years. And of course, I was on ‘Unscrewed’ earlier this summer. On this one program about 100,000 folks saw me. On the local one, about four people tune in. And I think all of them could only get that channel.
TV shows

I have a lot of sci-fi movies that I have wrote and stared in. “Death Stairs” is still my biggest hit. But I do have a lot of other films that I have been in and I plan to be in a lot more.
Sci Fi Movies

I am so happy that I can write plays. I have ten of them right now that any one can download and read. It is so cool to be able to do something that William Shakespeare did so well. I can see my plays being as important as his are one day. Only time will tell.

I went ten years getting into horrible shape while I was in college. But now I can do fifty push ups and jog a couple of miles at one time. I am in the best shape of my life and it feels good.

The thing in my life that I am the proudest about is that I am a teacher. I could make so much more money in computers and technology, and it would be fun. But when I teach, I am alive. What I don’t make in a salary I make when I see a student’s eyes light up when they have learned something about themselves because of me. That is the greatest feeling in the world. I wouldn’t quit teaching for a billion dollars.

So in the pass three decades I have achieve and accomplished most of the things that I wanted to do. I have no regrets. I am truly blessed.

Happy Birthday to me.

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Oda Daddy said...



Orion/Joey said...

Hey Congrats to another year notched up, but partiularly one of interesting accomplishments (I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings!!). Glad to see you singing your own songs as well as Paul and John's. You should come out to the ACL fest. Either way, happy birthday, boss. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I hope, 10 years from now, I can be half that happy with my own life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You may not feel that you have accomplished fame, but you have been seen by more folks than any of us can say. You were on NATIONAL TV, you taught a few good groups of kids, you made you first full length CD, and much more. Congratulation on a successful year and look forward to reading of your success in this new year. See you soon!

J. Romack



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