Sunday, March 31, 2024

Being At Peace With Yourself And The World


Being At Peace With Yourself And The World

When you are at peace with the world, you are really at peace with yourself. Life goes by fast. Before you know it, it will be over. Any ill feelings you have for others will no longer matter. When you think about it, they do not even matter in the present. Being upset over things that you have no control over, is fruitless. Worrying about what somebody else thinks, is even more fruitless.

Everybody has beliefs and opinions. Some of them you agree with, some of them you do not. Imagine a world where everybody thinks exactly the same about every topic. That is not reality, that is not even fantasy. That will never happen. Every person experiences the world from a different perspective. Respecting other people's thoughts ultimately means respecting your own. You are welcome to look at life through somebody else's lenses, but it is not required. Most barely understand their own perspective, much less trying to understand others.

People desire respect. Whenever there is an altercation, it usually involves a lack of respect. Respecting your own ideas will lead to respecting others' ideas. Disagreeing with someone else's thoughts is fine, but try to do that in a respectful tone. Also, realize that you are not going to change somebody else's ideas even with the best debate. You may have the best argument in the world, but your thoughts will not change others if they believe deeply. A better approach would be to lay down your argument in a respectful manner and allow them to come to their own conclusions. If they have an open mind and your argument is solid, perhaps they will agree with your point of view. However, most likely, they will continue believing what they believe. And there is nothing you can do about that.

So, go out there and be peaceful. Be respectful to everybody. And have tolerance for people who have different ideas and beliefs from yours. Hopefully, they will also be willing to tolerate your ideas. And maybe you can not resolve every single issue. But, you may find common ground to start a conversation. When you are talking, there will be more things in common than not between you both. Hopefully, both sides can find a respectful, working relationship. Bringing the world together one respectful conversation after another.


Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leap Year

 Lear Year

When something only happens once every four years, Such as leap year, it gives you pause to reflect upon the last time this event occurred. In the span of time, four years is not a great deal of time. That is the time you spend in high school. Typically, that's how long it takes you to get your baccalaureate degree in college. It probably takes about four years for you to be adequate at a skill in a job. Four years is enough time to determine if the career you chose was correct and whether you need to make a career change. Suffice it to say that four years is enough time for you to reflect upon many events that have occurred in your life.

Time waits for no one. Whether it is four years or forty, time does not stand still. As you get older, reflecting upon the past increases. Perhaps because you have less time, maybe in hindsight, memories are more tolerable the further from the present. Of course, it is easier to remember the past the way that you want.

The next leap year is four years from now. Will you be a better person? Think of the things you need to do to improve your life and start them. You are the one who can make changes to your life. Hopefully, in four years, you will look back and realize today was the day I started to make a difference. After a score of leap years, those memories bring joy and happiness to you.


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Future

The Future

Today, I am thinking of the future. What does that mean for humanity? Will both robots and Artificial technology truly take over the earth? Or are they tools humans have been using since the dawn of existence? Many people today are disillusioned with technology while simultaneously being addicted to it. Parents fear their children will turn into zombies tapping on small electronic devices instead of living in the real world. Leaders are afraid that foreign governments will use these technologies for propaganda purposes. Futurists speculate about the future of cyborgs. It crosses between humans and artificial technology, becoming one. Due to increasing medical knowledge, there is also a possibility that someone alive today will live forever, save for some accidents.

With all that being said, is the future brighter for humanity, or will it be dystopian, as it appears in many science fiction films? It depends on whether technology will continue to be utilized as a tool instead of replacing human innovation, labor, and creativity. All of us have a say in how the future will use technology.

Technology has always been a tool. It adds convenience for humanity. Those who understand the tool will be able to utilize it, while those who do not will not. A tool by itself is not scary, only a misunderstanding. Working to figure out how technology can be utilized to improve humanity is what civilization has done over the last 5000 years. Five thousand years from now, there will be new technology that will need to be figured out and assimilated by the masses. Technology never ends. People will design and manufacture these technologies as long as civilizations utilize them.

What can you do about technology? You could avoid it. You could embrace it. You could accept that it is part of the zeitgeist. History has shown us that once technology is developed, it will be used and continue to improve until a newer piece of technology replaces it. So, enjoy the ride and use or do not use technology. A replacement for that technology is eventually around the corner.


Sunday, December 31, 2023

Moving Toward Success

 Moving Toward Success 

All things come to an end. There is a beginning. There is an ending. Whether a week, month, year, or centuries passes, all will fade to obscurity. Focusing on the eventual end of something instead of focusing on your current achievements will help you remain grounded. 

As every year passes, there is a sense of a new beginning simultaneously with an ending. Will this be the year that you achieve your goals and your dreams? Or will those remain unachieved? You are the one who will decide what the future will bring. It is up to you to drum up your passion to make it a reality.
Considering the billions of people that have lived throughout time, every one of them had dreams and hopes for the future. You are the only one who knows the truth of what you want to achieve. That means it is up to you to make your life successful. Success can mean many things to different people, but it means only one thing to you. If you start today, success will come at a future date. Starting this year will mean achieving your dreams and goals sooner. If you start next year or the year after, the same amount of time will still be required.

Instead of thinking of resolutions for the next year, focus on the real purpose of your life. Many will think it is money, fame, success, and other words that show an achievement that others can perceive. Purchasing a brand-new car, a large house or some additional expensive tangible expense that showcases your success is what many believe in, presenting your lavish lifestyle. However, success can be more powerful than the most expensive car you can buy.

The acquisition of material assets is a measure of success for some. Creativity is what many seek during their life. Being a kind and helpful person is a goal for others. For others, family is the most important measure of success. Seeking knowledge and learning is the goal of academics. Faith and seeking a righteous lifestyle are goals for many. No one can tell you what success means to you. It is up to you to figure out what success will bring. 

Seek your success and enjoy your life. Before you know it, others may write about it in history books. And if not, that is OK as well. You have had a successful life if you have memories you can draw on in your maturity to share with others.

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